Arch Linux – Yes, Aching Fingers And Tired Eyes, But Finally Installed

This is the result of a newbie’s determination to install Arch Linux. After many unsuccessful attempts and copious amounts of swearing, I was able to wrestle the beast unto my machine. It is now confined to an XFCE4 desktop and guarded by the Slim login manager. It is now working almost as good as my Ubuntu install, which, if I am willing to overlook the multimedia shortcomings, works just as good as my Windows XP install.

I will probably detail my travails through the newbie purgatory that Arch Linux is later, but please forgive me if I take a moment to savor the glory of an Arch Linux install.

Arch-Linux+XFCE4    ArchLinux+xfce4

Panel                                                                Settings Menu

archlinux+xfce4     Arch Linux XFCE4

Accessories Menu                                           Multimedia Menu

Arch Linux + XFCE4      Barbados north coast st. lucy

Weather Update Applet                         St. Lucy, North Coast of Barbados


About Germain

I am a male born under the sign of Aquarius. I enjoy the simple life and am happiest when the rain is falling.
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