At last, Ring The Alarm!

barbados Elections 2013

Election officials got the ball rolling tonight when they were dispatched island wide to post notices of the February 21 polling and Nomination Day, which will be next Wednesday. Here officers Haskell Drakes and Everton Henry paste a notice on the door of the District “A” Police Station.

Barbadians will choose the thirty politicians that will serve as their masters for the next five years, on Thursday, February 21, 2013. That date decided on two years ago by Prime Master  Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, is exactly one month after Bajans celebrated Errol Barrow Day and one week after the popular Valentine’s Day. The message, clearer than a glass of E.S.A.F White Rum at a moonlight picnic, is unmistakable.

Times were hard. You know, global recession and… stuff, but we did pretty well in the circumstances. Despite the…  ahmm… ahmm… you know… global recession, we manage to provide more housing solutions in five years than the other administration did in fourteen years of plenty. We introduced free bus fares for school children and free summer camps. We provided free houses to people who were renting for twenty years or more. Yes we did all that in the midst of a global recession . We did not send home one single worker in the public sector. Roads fixed and roundabouts complete.  It was rather difficult, but we did it in the midst of a global recession.

When you enter the slaughter house polling booth, show your love for National Hero, Errol Barrow and the once great party he founded, by voting for the DLP’s candidate. Fret not that they are as unfamiliar as the BLP’s candidate. Excuse the lack of representation over the last five years. Worry not about the stagnant economy and failing businesses. Ignore the increased cost of living and rising unemployment, increased poverty and deteriorating standards of living. We have passed the worse and as long as our trading partners recover, better days are coming. Let bygones be bygones. Forgive and forget. We promise to do better next time.

I am as forgiving and as forgetful as the next Bajan, so I have evaluated the message, weighed its pros and cons and have concluded that there is some merit somewhere in the excuses  reasons outlined for the incompetence demonstrated by this government. It was not like the Dems were aware that rough times were looming before the 2008 election, and chose to recklessly ignore the predictions.

Unfortunately, after turning and twisting it this way and that, I was unable to find said merits, and do not see a need to reconsider my decision to vote against them. All I can say under the circumstances  is; “Hasta la vista, baby “.

I’m sorry

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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart addressing attendees at the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry luncheon.
         Prime Minister Freundel Stuart addressing
attendees at the Barbados Chamber of Commerce
                      and Industry luncheon.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart this afternoon told Barbadians he was sorry for not being able to provide more employment for them, especially young people, during his Government’s term in office.

On the eve a full-fledged general election campaign, Stuart conceded that his single regret was that his DLP administration had not been able to fulfill all its commitments, because it came to power at a time, when the world was about to embark on its most serious downturn in 100 years.

Addressing a full house of business leaders at the first monthly luncheon for the year of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Hilton Barbados, the Prime Minister lamented that “all of our great expectations of meeting a lot of the commitments we had at the start of the term, were hobbled as a result of the constraints imposed by this still continuing economic downturn”.

“We had to walk by sight rather than by faith, because the resources available to us, have always been very limited and we’ve had to husband our resources with consummate care,” he added.

“I would hope that when there is another term that things would have so eased up that we would be able to show the people of Barbados the real mettle of our pasture… We’ve done quite, quite well, unbelievably well, in very stringent circumstances.”

However, the Prime Minister promised the island that “the best is yet to come”.

He argued that that “best” would come when the Government was able to spend a little more and be a lot less cautious than it had been in meeting the expectations of the people of Barbados.

“I personally have felt saddened that as a result of this economic downturn, we’ve not been able to make that dent in the unemployment problem that we would have wanted to make.

“I think it is a source of painful and acute frustration for a significant number of young people who leave school or leave the university or leave the Community College looking forward to being absorbed into the workforce and being frustrated because of the constraints under which we have had to operate,” he lamented.

This, the Government leader conceded, was a source of great distress for him, adding that he hoped the country could overcome this hurdle if re-elected to run the island for another five years.

“The first term has not been easy for us,” Stuart admitted.

He said he hoped, if given power once more, that the DLP would not have to govern under the type of constrained circumstance as during the past five years. He reported though that despite the difficult challenges faced by his Cabinet ministers, they had “shone brightly”.

The Prime Minister also unveiled what he described as a sketch of the party’s plans to restore economic growth to Barbados, if re-elected to office at the polls on February 21.

“Our plans and expectations for growth are based on four underpinnigs,” he said.

These include, the promotion of foreign exchange earning and saving sectors much more vigorously, while increasing economic capacity to achieve higher and more balanced growth and continued, but prudent spending by Government in the domestic economy.

Stuart revealed that the others were the upgrading and expanding infrastructure, carrying out the necessary restructuring across various sectors and maintaining the social safety net and other essential investments in the island’s social capital.

In the area of tourism, a returned DLP would increase promotion in each of the country’s source markets.

“We will sponsor increased airlift, more especially from Western Canada and the USA, and the Scandinavian countries; and we will seek to achieve more airlift with Latin America through inaugurating direct air links with Panama,” the Prime Minister promised.

He also pledged support for several major construction projects in the tourism sector by offering incentives through the Tourism Development Act. Stuart said, too, that these would include the revitalised Four Seasons project, further expansion of the Crane Beach Resort, rebuilding and expanding of Almond Beach Village, Beachlands, Regency, continuation of Port Ferdinand and rebuilding of Sam Lord’s Castle.

A new DLP Government also has plans to upgrade the international business and financial services sector, promote Barbados as a place to invest, offer speedier responses to foreign investors wanting to do business here, and carry out infrastructural development. (EJ)†

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