Five Is Enough… Oh, Sorry… Eight Is Enough, Five Is Not.

freundelstuartsurprisedbychFrom the time I was a boy I have heard people speak about taking a six for nine but I have never heard anything about mistaking the number five for any other number. Five years are five years and five years was always five years until this DLP administration came to office. Now we are hearing that five years does not start from the date of the election victory, it starts from the first sitting of parliament. I went to school long but not regular and even then it was only in August so you should appreciate that I am struggling to grasp the finer details of this farce.

Am I to understand that between January 15, 2008 and February 12, 2008, there was no government in charge of the affairs of Barbados?
When did the late David Thompson took the oath of office after the January 15 elections?
Who declared January 18, 2008 a holiday to celebrate the DLP’s election victory?
When where the cabinet ministers sworn in?
Why is this the first time thatPoll hint this scenario is occurring in BIM.
After spending fourteen long years in the electoral wilderness, does the thought of returning from whence you came now fill you with so much dread, it forces you to cling to political power for as long as legally possible?
Are these the actions of a competent administration, confident about securing another election victory against opponents that are not ready?

You spent so much time gorging on the fatted calf and enjoying the trappings of power, that you forgot that the people only gave you five years. Now, like little children at an amusement park, you are reluctant to leave even though the gates are closing. As you now scramble to put together your list of accomplishment, oblivious to the obvious; we have long grown tired of your loitering in the halls of Government.

Barbados Parliament BuildingYou were given five years to do the people’s business. Five years to fulfil your promises. Five years to right the wrongs you accused the BLP of committing. Five years and the people are still waiting. In these last days, you can continue to rush as many pieces of legislation as you like through parliament, the verdict is already in; too little too late. Give away as many NHC units as you can, accommodate as many squatters as you like, the end is near and if the following extract is any indication, I suspect it will find many unprepared for the carnage about to unfold. An ugly scene worthy of inclusion in one of today’s horror movies.

“The country is on the verge of a general election and a new year. We expect in 2013, as a party, to continue to renew and strengthen our bond with the people of Barbados. The Democratic Labour Party is focused on rebuilding and restoring Barbados to its rightful place in the hearts of the people.

Barbadians will once again feel rescued from Arthur’s working-poor policies. We are on target in 2013 to deliver on the five new nursery schools and the start of a promised new secondary school in Christ Church. The Government’s housing solutions continue to be rolled out as the year closes. The much awaited handing over of the new Valery Towers and Lancaster will happen. New homeowners are expected to usher in the New Year with keys in hand. Barbados continues to stay the course with the Dems . . . . We have spoken and demonstrated the Dems are better for Barbados.”

If your BS Tolerance is high, the full article is over at Nationnews. How out of touch with the lives of the ordinary people must politicians become, before being categorised as irrelevant?

The DLP came to power on promises to lower the cost of living and clean up rampant corruption. Since then, the global recession, underestimated levels of BLP corruption, excessive BLP malfeasance and overrated BLP competence are at the top reasons cited for the incompetence that has slowly paralyse the country. Unfortunately for them, most people living in Barbados before the last election will tell you that things have gotten worse since then. Yet the DLP seems blissfully unaware of this fact.

PM Stuart treats ‘his people’

They boast of not sending home workers. How does this resonate with the thousands that lost their jobs since 2008? They chant free bus fares for school children … free summer camps… conveniently forgetting that the parents or guardians of those same children have to contend with higher utility bills, higher bus fares and ever-increasing supermarket bills.

I have already stated my intention and nothing will deter me. It matters not how long you keep me waiting, time is still longer than twine.


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I am a male born under the sign of Aquarius. I enjoy the simple life and am happiest when the rain is falling.
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