Political Puppetry – Pandering for Votes in 2013

Stephen Lashley, Michael LashleyThere are a few things we considered worse than politicians publicly presenting pensioners with title deeds. Drinking a glass of sour horse’s milk while suffering from a cold was one candidate. Parasites posing prettily with unsuspecting hosts was another instance. However,  finding a picture of a parasite posing prettily with an unsuspecting host, is not as easy as finding one with politicians posing prettily with unsuspecting pawns constituents. Nevertheless we still conclude that, from the photographic evidence available at this time, pictures of  politicians publicly presenting pensioners with conveyances are much more nauseating, than drinking a glass of sour horse’s milk.

Required to face the firing squad at a General Election due early in 2013. Politicians sitting on their laurels since 2008, are now scrambling to compile a list of accomplishment. This list will detail every roundabout constructed, every road fixed, how many potholes patched, every bus route extended, every house repaired or built and of course every title deed handed over in the constituency.

They will remind voters that for Fourteen years the previous representatives did nothing for the people and assure them, that they can expect more top quality representation as long as they are not fired.

Daily,  anguished pleas for mercy are heard along with detailed plans for improving the constituency and lives of constituents. Improvements which will only come to fruition if voters grant a five-year stay of execution.

Along the way,MP Donville Inniss and Acting GM of the NHC, Lanette Napoleon- Young. past infractions by newly empowered constituents, receive the blessings of Parliament with promises to crack down on future breaches of regulations. Despite the rhetoric to the contrary, future violators can rest assured of receiving the same considerations as long as thee is an election  near.

Remember, these politicians are like leaves blowing in the wind. They know that Bajans have short memories so they can change their tune to suit the occasion or audience and contradict each other on government policies with absolutely no fear of ever being asked to clarified earlier positions.

Hear one of them as he pontificates on the rights and might of the National Housing Corporation:

“Anyone who decides to occupy our housing units without permission will feel the full weight of the law . . . , ” he said.

“We decided not to involve the Royal Barbados Police Force (this time) but to go the civil route of asserting our rights under landlord and tenant law.”  Archangel, what about those landlord rights?

The don is always a stickler for doing things by the book;

“I cannot give permission for something like this, it is the NHC’s land and I will not encourage any constituent to break the law. There are illegal structures all over Barbados and it is an issue that is being dealt with by the NHC and the Chief Town Planner.

“There is a serious need for this type of business in the housing estates, an area that was overlooked for years in providing such a basic facility like shops to residents . . . some people will try to fill that void and I commend them, but procedures must be followed. I want to add that I have no problem with young people congregating because they have the right to recreate and hang out, but it is important to do it the right way,”

I like the sound of that Mr. Minister.  The right way will always be the right way. Next time, let the NHC officials do the work they get paid to do.National Housing Corporation Barbados Invite the people to the  NHC Offices in Country Road and present the conveyances away from the glare of the cameras. Remember Bajans are a proud people who do not appreciated their private business being broadcasted all over the place.

How do you mean the people will not know about the good work being done on their behalf and how much you and your colleagues have accomplished in five short years?

Don’t make me laugh Mr. Minister, of course the people know the work done. They’ve seen what you’ve accomplished. In fact many wish it was already 2013.

How could you even suggest such a thing Mr. Minister? No. I was not smirking.

I was?
Well I was not aware that I was. I apologize Sir.

No I am not smirking Sir!


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I am a male born under the sign of Aquarius. I enjoy the simple life and am happiest when the rain is falling.
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3 Responses to Political Puppetry – Pandering for Votes in 2013

  1. Germain says:

    It will get worse in the coming weeks.

    Democratic Labour Party candidate, Senator Harry Husbands, is putting his money where his mouth is — literally.

    The Democratic Labour Party’s candidate for St. James North said he aims to create employment for the young people of the constituency but instead of giving them a hand-out, he has embarked on an initiative to help them empower themselves to ultimately create self-employment.

    With the help of a close friend, Lloyd Thompson, this morning they launched a community project at Links in Lower Carlton, St. James to do just this. The project is based on creating jobs for landscapers and those people interested in the maintenance of landscaping equipment.

    Read more at Barbados Today.

  2. Germain says:

    Did I not warn that it was going to get worse?
    As the old people would say… “before de cat cud lick ‘e ear”

    Laurine Goddard (centre) and her daughters Judy (right) and Jenny admiring the decor during a brief tour with Lashley. ((Pictures by Ricardo Leacock.))

    Mon, December 24, 2012 – 12:09 AM

    A ST PHILIP FAMILY was gifted a basic human right just in time for Christmas.

    After living for years in undesirable conditions that were exacerbated when Tropical Storm Tomas took the roof of the house in 2010, Laurine Goddard, her two daughters Judy and Jenny, and grandson Jonathan have a brand new three-bedroom, one-bathroom house to call home.

    The 66-year-old retired agricultural worker got the keys to the fully furnished house from her parliamentary representative and Minister of Housing and Lands Michael Lashley yesterday morning.

    “I feel real nice to receive the house . . . and I give thanks to Lashley for all he has done for me. The house was bad, termites eat it down and everything . . . . I’m glad,” she said with a slight smile. (YB)

    Reprinted from Nationnews

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