The Republic Of Barbados

If laughter is the best medicine, then those who shared art class with me during my days at secondary school, must have saved a considerable amount of money over the years from not having to visit the doctor. The net result of bursting into uncontrollable fits of laughter and collapsing on to the floor every time I opened my sketch pad. The art teacher, who coincidently, had not age a day when I last saw him at the Class of 85 Silver Jubilee, with the faintest hint of a grin smile, would always encourage me to keep trying. This I did until the end of third form after which, I promptly dropped that dreaded subject as though it were a burning paint brush. I have never professed any artistic skills and thankfully, have not been required to draw a straight line since then.

On Friday, June 1 2012, I was almost moved to tears after the installation ceremony for Barbados’ 7th Governor General. More tears swelled on Monday, June 4, after Barbados celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. They finally overflowed on Wednesday, 6 June 2012 an I found myself drawing my first line in thirty years.

These were not tears of joy however. Now having entered this world some time after the Broken Trident was first hoisted, Growing Up Stupid Under The Union Jack was never an option for consideration. It is therefore disheartening to see that even as this nation approaches its Golden Jubilee, the colonial ties and constitutions that were supposedly broken on that wet November night are still as strong as there ever were.

Forty-five years hence and our elected leaders still swear allegiance to the Queen and her heirs. The Royal Barbados Police Force is still serving, protecting and reassuring Her Majesty’s representatives, that law-breakers eventually get their day in court even if remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison until Her Majesty’s pleasure is known.

Forty-five years hence and The Knight or Dame of St. Andrew is still an eagerly awaited title, admired and coveted by many.  Post-Independence Barbados is where you will find the supposed best and brightest, still yearning for the title of Queen’s Counsel.

Today I draw a line for politicians representing both the incumbent Democratic Labour Party and the opposition Barbados Labour Party.

When we have the Most Reverend, Dr the Honourable John Holder, Archbishop of the West Indies, Primate and Metropolitan, the Bishop of Barbados thanking  All Mighty God for the reign, rule and life of Queen Elizabeth,  I say it is time to put a stop to this madness before it gets any worse.

Now that we have ditched Her Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council for the Caribbean Court Of Justice, let us also ditch the Queen and her representatives.

The ancestors of King Ja Ja and King Dyal will thank you and shall shower you with  blessings.

Long live the Republic Of Barbados.

First family

Legal colleagues, family and friends of Barbados’ seventh Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave were among 300 plus guests celebrating with the Head of State at Government House on Friday evening shortly after his official installation in the Senate.

                                               (Gercine Carter)

After the pomp and ceremony, Sir Elliott mingled at a reception on the lawns of Government House as the Royal Barbados Police Force Band played, and Barbadian soprano Amanda Fields sang.

Here, Sir Elliott and Lady Belgrave (second from right) with their daughter Susan Matheson (second from left), grandson Richard and granddaughter Alicia.

Reprinted from

Diamond showing

Downtown London didn’t have anything on the Garrison Savannah yesterday. Sir Elton John or Stevie Wonder couldn’t have done it any better.

The island’s most historic venue, the same place where Barbados was born as an independent nation in 1966, and where Queen Elizabeth II knighted Sir Garfield Sobers in 1975, was again turned into a rainbow of colour, celebration, grace and military precision, as thousands gathered yesterday to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty.

Barbadians and visitors alike, even curious schoolchildren, took up every vantage point to soak up the atmosphere as this country stood with fellow nations that make up the British Commonwealth to honour the Queen’s 60th year as the British monarch.

And, just outside Buckingham Palace, the Queen, now an 86-year-old sovereign, was on hand to see such stars as Sir Elton, Stevie and Black Eyed Peas.

Reprinted from

Barbados gives thanks

Throughout the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, she has blended power and authority with a calm and gracious spirit.

“A blend that surely enhances her in the eyes of her subjects and in the eyes of the world; she has surely enlightened our understanding of Monarchy,” expressed the Most Reverend, Dr the Honourable John Holder, Archbishop of the West Indies, Primate and Metropolitan, the Bishop of Barbados, during a National Thanksgiving Service held at St. Mary’s Anglican Church yesterday to mark the Diamond Jubilee of the Accession of the Queen to the Throne.
Thanking All Mighty God for the reign, rule and life of Queen Elizabeth, the Archbishop said that the service was in the context of a tradition that closely connects the monarchy to religion, faith and indeed to God.

“As we reflect on the reign of her Majesty we come away with some positives of simply an institution and of a person who has represented it, for us, for the past 60 years. Whatever may be our understanding of Monarchy, this institution as it has been reflected in the reign of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11, points us to the best qualities with which the institution can be associated.”

Dr Holder also pointed out that the service was an invitation to reflect on leadership.

“There is still the need for leadership and guidance. Societies of all types and ages of the social and political spectrum have acknowledged this fact. It is expected that there is a need for leadership at all levels of life. There is a need to identify those who can guide and lead, especially in times of crisis. In spite of all our beliefs, in the power and guidance of God, there is still the need to invest a measure of hope in those called to leadership,” he stated.

During the service Royal Barbados Police Force Band led the choir and there were a number of prayers offered, including one written at the Queen’s direction for the Diamond Jubilee. (TL)

Reprinted from The Barbados Advocate


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