Warrantless Waste

Minister of Transport and Works John Boyce (centre) tours the Jackson, Warrens area after seamlessly traversing the new roundabout located at the entrance of the One Accord Plaza complex in St. Michael. He is accompanied by Abdul Pandor (right), Consulting Engineer with Professional Engineering Services, ministry officials and a technical team.

It appears that the people in the Ministry of Transport and Works headed by one John Boyce, believe that their mandate is to frustrate motorist until they take their vehicles off the road. If that is the case, then I must admit, that is one brilliant plan. It is far better to force motorist into voluntarily removing their vehicles from the road than to actually come up with something more creative  than placing a roundabout at every junction or a No Entry sign at every shortcut productive ZR and Minibus drivers discover.

Who really wants the hassle of finding creative ways to cut the number of vehicles parked on the highways and byways during rush hour?
Why work for taxpayer’s money when you can get it for free right Mr. Minister?
What’s that you say Mr. B? Imitation is the highest form of flattery?
Okay I see, nice to know that you have the Chief’s back.
I’ll be sure to mention that to Stuart Little if I see him slamming tar on the St. Michael South campaign trail.

Now why would you or anyone else for that matter, make the left lane at the new CGI roundabout in the Warrens, left turn only?
Do you think that motorist intending to get to Chefette or SOL, by any means necessary, will simply wait in a long line of traffic, behind motorist who just want to get to the Super Centre Complex?

It is obvious even to Ossie Moore, that when there is a back up of traffic at the CGI roundabout, motorist who need to exit west on to the ABC, go up to Lodge Hill and do so. As a result most of the traffic in the left lane still consist of motorist intending to go straight regardless of what the signs show. It is not that we they cannot read. We They have concluded that traffic flow is no better than when the lanes were not assigned. Motorist used both lanes to go straight then with little problems.

Yes people used to park in the middle of the roundabout blocking those motorist going towards KFC, but guess what Mr. Minister, the same thing still happens.
Why? Why?! You don’t know why?!
Since you’re pretending not to know, well I hope that you are pretending. Let me tell you why then.

Patrons, aided and abetted by the all to prevalent semi-considerate Bajan driver, still enter and exit SOL gas station and Cheffete by turning right across oncoming traffic. This causes the traffic to back up. The the friends and relatives of those afore-mentioned semi-considerate drivers, while reading the Baby On Board sticker on the SUV heading north that nearly made it through the exit, notices that there is no traffic approaching them from the right, they then drive into the roundabout and park as close as possible behind that said SUV, yes the one with the lovely baby on board, effectively blocking the path of those hoping to exit west.

Another thing while we are spitting into the wind here, why construct two lanes only on the southern end of this roundabout when there is more than enough land on both sides of the road to accommodate a third one?

We were not blessed with engineering sense and this Greater Warrens project suggests that many are similarly cursed, but after all the millions wasted spent so far in Warrens, with the possible exception of those exiting Warrens Industrial Park, we have not been able to detect any major improve in rush hour gridlock now that three of the six roundabouts have been more or less completed.


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One Response to Warrantless Waste

  1. Germain says:

    More taxpayers money down the drain. Do these people drive?
    These trial and error experts obviously know where a money tree is growing.

    Clearer directions

    Conflicting road markings
    Conflicting road markings

    The Ministry of Transport and Works has promised to take immediate action to create clearer traffic directions at a portion of the D’arcy Scott Roundabout in Warrens.

    The problem is that vehicles exiting the Warrens commercial area that is home to businesses such as Barbados TODAY, H&B Hardware and Williams Equipment, are driving over the painted “island” that is designed to restrict traffic joining the circle to a single lane.

    This is compounded by the lack of clear visibility of the painted section and the fact that two signs – one a left directional arrow and the other with a giveway indicator – have been lying on the ground out of view for some time.
    Three lanes of traffic where only one should be.
    Three lanes of traffic where only one should be.

    Adding confusion to the matter is that an arrow, instructing motorists to turn right or go straight, which had originally been painted where the “island” now stands, has not been erased.

    The result is that motorists who use the legitimate single lane daily come close to sideswiping other motorists who attempt to enter the circle from the fading island.

    “We need to give clear directions [to motorists]; that is the problem,” explained a senior official in the Project Office of the ministry.

    “We will get on to it immediately,” he promised.

    The D’arcy Scott Roundabout continues to be the scene of frequent fender benders, although not nearly as many as this time last year when the reshaped roundabout was still new. (EJ)††

    Reprinted from Barbados Today

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