Alas In Wonderland : The Phlegmatic Serenity Plague.

I must confess that today I had to “Google” the phrase”phlegmatic serenity” I suspect that many Bajans were also unaware of this phlegmatic serenity that the Prime Minister is obviously proud of. We are however familiar with phlegm and some, yours truly included, had actually concluded that the present DLP administration was strikingly similar, if not the same.

We have misunderstood and judged Mr. Stuart harshly, but how could we,
the Mills & Boon reading, barbecue pig tail mentality masses, be expected to know any better?

We remember that day in December 2007 when David Thompson told Owen Arthur to call the elections and led the DLP out of parliament. It is now quite clear that if Owen Arthur and the BLP were to resort to such antics against Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, they would have better luck spinning that proverbial top in mud.

Mr. Prime Minister, we promise that when you do decide to call Elections, we will forget the daily struggle that life has  become since your party came to office.

We will forgive your predecessor’s apparent lapse in good judgement. We will not judge him, you or your friends.

We will not let the fact that you have failed to fulfill many of the promises your party made cloud our judgement, for we understand that Barbados is part of the global village.

We will ignore the fact that you have now climbed into the same bed with some of the same  people you were critical of when you were warming the opposition benches.  If principles, convictions and conventions needed re-evaluating and adjusting because it was expedient,  then most if not all right thinking Barbadians understand this.  We appreciate anything that helped Barbados in its quest to being the best it could  be and we will not hold that against you.

Speaking of convictions though, we note that to date, there were no charges or even arrests made on the alleged wide-spread corruption that took place before 2008. While not exactly holding their breaths, some misguided person are hoping to see charges been brought against those corrupt public officers before your current term expires .  They obviously do not understand that your healthy respect for the rule of law and due process,  means that all investigations be concluded first and that there will be no witch hunts or night of long knives under your watch.

We understand that your phlegmatic nature does not let you show it, but it is heartwarming nevertheless to know that sales of dictionaries are at an all time high and ordinary folks instinctively reach for them every time you speak.  The bookstores owners are extremely grateful and thank you for your efforts in restructuring the Barbados economy. Bigger and better things are undoubtedly on the horizon. Now if you could get those owners to give their staff stools so they would not have to stand for eight hours daily, then those workers would also thank you too.

It is good to know that our beloved Prime Minister is a widely read History, Greek and Latin aficionado It will be better still to see how much that knowledge has cut the cost of bread, cheese or milk  at the supermarket tomorrow morning.

Stuart Little,  it should be obvious by now that we lesser mortals are not exactly enamored with your oratorical elegance and rhetorical fortitude. Your penchant for verbosity is extremely tiresome.

When ever you decide to call it, the goal of many Barbadians is to see that, the Democratic Labour Party’s return to office after the next general election remaining on the fertile plains of the Prime Minister’s imagination.


About Germain

I am a male born under the sign of Aquarius. I enjoy the simple life and am happiest when the rain is falling.
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