$66 million ways to die, choose one.

Thank you very much.According to Barbados Today, the DLP is “seeking between $66 million and $100 million in the first instance for a fiscal consolidation programme.”  In order to get access to this “show money”, Freundel “Stuart Little” and Chris ” The Sinker” Sinckler have to show the IADB that they mean business. That means that the 2.5% increase in VAT cannot be removed unless there is a corresponding decrease in expenditure. Looks like we will have to get used to VAT being at 17.5% and count our lucky stars it is not 20%

Now this “Barbados is more than an economy“administration, who has not been afraid to make the hard decisions, has to make some more.

Leave the VAT at 17.5% and reap the backlash of voters, even its own supporters, as people become more disillusioned with a Government unable to fulfil its mandate to  cut the cost of living for the average Bajan?

Cut expenditure by prescribing more cuts to the drug formulary and wipe out the little increase the pensioners got?

With dispatch please.Reduce the army of occupation and face the wrath of the “circus“?

It never ends, but they should have known that challenges were ahead and it was not as easy as they said it would be. Anyhow after the DEMs make their decisions, it will be time for the voters to make theirs.

The old people used to say, “hard ears yuh won’t hear, own way yuh gine feel.”

We really feeling it now.


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I am a male born under the sign of Aquarius. I enjoy the simple life and am happiest when the rain is falling.
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