2.5% Off, No Thank You.

You can zero-rate all supplies of unprocessed foodstuffs such as:

  • raw meat and fish;
  • vegetables and fruit;
  • cereals, nuts and pulses; and
  • culinary herbs,

whether you supply them direct to the public or for use as ingredients in the manufacture of processed foods, provided they are fit for human consumption.  Reinventing the wheel is hard work, so please read the rest here Mr. Minister. Have a look here also. What’s that? Oh, you’re most welcomed Mr. Minister.

Chris “The Sinker” Sinckler will present this year’s budget in June.  Up for review no doubt, is the 2.5% increase in VAT.  Will it go or will it stay? With one eye on the fast approaching General Election, I have one suggestion for “The Sinker”.

Remove VAT on Food immediately.

We understand that you have done your best in these most trying times, under very trying circumstances,  to keep Barbados from going under and according to Governor “Delilah” Worrell, you are beginning to reap success, albeit in very, very small amounts. In fact really nothing to shout about under normal circumstances.

Any opportunity to stick it to the naysayers shall be embraced by all agents and executed in such a way that any shadow of political bias is fully illuminated.

We forgave “Sweetcakes”and forgot the 2008 raping of our pockets. We have ignored the fact that you have not yet seen it fit to cut some of those increases that he implemented.   We had already forgotten the forgiven $19M in owed taxes, when you got in on the act and announced that $500 late fee. We do not even grudge you or Stuart Little for having a millionaire friends. According to Peter, we still see you as future PM.

We are vex that you invested our pension money in Four Seasons. Great investment not withstanding. Now we are hearing that Redjet and Almond will get some help too. Help them if you can, by all means, there is plenty more in the NIS coffers to invest. We applaud your efforts in ensuring that big business survives in these difficult times. The nipples might be sore but we the suffering masses need nursing too.

We understand that the IMF and the rest are watching you like a hawks, or is that vultures, but remember the mantra, Barbados is more than an economy. Remove VAT on food and let the people go to the supermarket in peace.

One thing we will not forget is that after promising to make our lives better, you and the DLP have so far only succeeded in making it harder for most of us. Implement that one policy and you might just change the fate of the HMS DLP, as it hurtles over the precipice of public disaffection and into the ignominy of the dreaded One Term.

Time is not on Stuart Little’s side. In fact We do not believe it is on any of your sides, with the possible exception of the “Queen” and even in her case, twine longer than time. Clico or no Clico.

We are not promising anything though, we voters are very fickle and can hold a grudge for years. Ask Sandi if you doubt me

Like it or lump it.


About Germain

I am a male born under the sign of Aquarius. I enjoy the simple life and am happiest when the rain is falling.
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