Cost Of Living, Cost Of Living, Cost of Lying.

Growing up my mother would always tell me; son, there’s nothing wrong with making a mistake as long as you don’t make the same mistake twice. My grandmother would say, grandson, always admit your mistakes and correct them as soon as possible.

I awoke last election day with but one purpose, get rid of Owen Arthur and the BEEs. I went to sleep that night happy that I had helped David Thompson remove the blight that had the masses suffering. Yes, I voted for the DEMs, I was one of those that wanted change.

To tell the truth though, the only change I cared about back then was the cost of living. I was not interested in the CLICO cheque and did not even go to Haggatt Hall. I could not have cared less about Hardwood or Transparency and Integrity Legislation. No sir, the only thing that mattered to me then was the cost of living.

When I heard David Thompson said cost of living, cost of living, cost of living. I almost shed a tear. Here was a leader that understood the plight of his people and intended to ease their burdens. The Government had plans, things were finally going to get better.

Those merchants who were in bed with the BLP and jacking up prices every week, would soon know which God they were serving. Cost U Less was coming to the rescue. Cheap fruits and vegetables were coming from our Caricom brothers and sisters. No VAT on electricity bills. Light at the end of that long dark BLP tunnel.

Sadly four years later, I long for the good old days of 2007. Back then I was sucking salt and feeling like I got robbed every time I exited the supermarket. Today I pass the supermarket like an exam. If I buy groceries, I cannot buy bottled gas. If I buy gas, I cannot buy food. I cannot even risk lighting a little wood fire in the yard to cook on, because the neighbours either have asthma or allergies and complain that the smoke bothers them.

I am presently working three days  every other week. High gasoline prices have me parking the car and slamming tar most days. BL&P has disconnected the electricity and BWA is threatening to do the same with the water. LIME has the telephone on soft cut. Bailiffs are at the door and the landlord is at the window. The DEMs blame the global recession and the BLP.  I blame the DEMs.

Over the years I have seen the error of my ways when I disregard the advice of those two women. Today I readily admit that I made a mistake on January 15 2008.  They can rest assured, it shall be corrected at the earliest opportunity.


About Germain

I am a male born under the sign of Aquarius. I enjoy the simple life and am happiest when the rain is falling.
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