The New And Improved Bajan

According to the UN’s Human Development Index Barbados is #42 in the world and #3 in the Americas.

10 highest HDIs

Rank Country HDI
New 2010 estimates for 2010
Very high human development
1  United States 0.902
2  Canada 0.888
3  Barbados 0.788
4  Bahamas 0.784
High human development
5  Chile 0.783
6  Argentina 0.775
7  Uruguay 0.765
8  Cuba 0.760
9  Panama 0.755
10  Mexico 0.750

It is good to see that Barbados is still one of the better places in the region to live. However, there is now a new type of Bajan that bears little resemblance to the traditional Bajan.

This new Bajan is aggressive and always in a hurry. He is inconsiderate, impolite and selfish.

Here are a few tips in identifying this new and improved Bajan.

  • They park in the spot reserved for senior citizens or the disabled.
  • They park in front of a “no parking” sign because it does not refer to them.
  • They refuse to turn off their cellphones after reading a sign indicating such.
  • On the bus, they will play all the music on their cellphones for the listening pleasure of other passengers.
  • They believe that you do not know how to download and burn pirated movies from the internet and keep forgetting that the previous ten times they asked if you wanted to buy movies, you answered no.
  • They think that driving an SUV gives them the right to drive in the middle of the road and to take up two parking spaces when they choose to.
  • On the highway they tailgate, trying to intimidate you into going faster to get ahead of the vehicle in the next lane.
  • At night they will refuse to dim their headlights.
  • At traffic lights, they blow their horns to let you know that the light has turned green because they assume that you are either colour blind or have gone to asleep.
  • They wear imported hair thinking it does not look fake.
  • They behave as though having the latest BB makes them a VIP.
  • They believe that cooking on Sundays is old-fashioned or only for poor people and pack the fast food restaurants.
  • They would rather not keep unsightly empty snack boxes, drink cups, condom wrappers and used tissue in their “big rides” so they throw them out the window.
  • They sit in the supermarket car park with the engine running for an hour or more watching a DVD in the air-conditioned comfort of their “big ride” while lesser mortals choke on the fumes from the exhaust.
  • Some believe that their neighbours cannot see well, so they install the loudest exhaust and sound system money could buy to make sure that the neighbourhood knows when they leave or return home. The fact that the neighbours do not even know their names is of little importance.
  • They do not eat Bajan “stew food”, but prefer Trinidadian, Guyanese, Jamaican, Chinese, Italian, Indian and other international cuisine.
  • Then there is the goodly neighbour who believes that the early bird really catches the worm. He gets up at the break of dawn on Sunday mornings to cut the grass before the sun comes out.

Are you a new and improved Bajan?


About Germain

I am a male born under the sign of Aquarius. I enjoy the simple life and am happiest when the rain is falling.
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