Holes All Over The Country

On Friday 5 August, the editorial in  Barbados Today focused on potholes that were appearing on highways across the country.  That reminded me that I needed to highlight the extremely bad state of a “road” I travel on regularly.

A long time ago Red Plastic Bag did a song called “Holes”. If you are familiar with that song and have the misfortune of having to drive through rural parishes daily, you will admit that the more things change the more they stay the same.

It escapes logic that in the midst of the worst recession to date and a battling a record deficit, an administration would spend millions, if not billions, building new roads and roundabouts. It then allows existing roads, especially in the rural parishes to deteriorate to such an extent, motorist reluctantly make expensive detours to avoid damaging their vehicles.
Worse still, this sad state of affairs is occurring while motorist are paying increased Road Tax and fuel costs.

How is it that almost every district in urban Barbados have proper roads, but tax paying citizens living in rural Barbados, have to beg for a little barber green from the MTW depots after every shower of rain?

Do the people who live in these rural district not pay taxes, just like the people living in St. Michael, Christ Church and St. James?

Some may say there are potholes in these parishes as well, that might be so, but we believe the potholes in the “country” would swallow their town cousins whole.

We all know that the Government is hard at work trying to get the ship of state in order, but we the suffering motorist have a few questions for the Cabinet. While we understand and appreciate the concept of collective responsibility, we would like to hear from Ministers Sinckler, Boyce and Dr. Byer-Suckoo . The honourable doctor may want to take a drive through St. George South first. We nominate the western half of the constituency for special scrutiny.

Honourable Members:

Is it possible that the country could have managed without the Warrens project for a bit longer?

How much money has this administration spent on new road works since 2008?
How much has it spent widening roads and building sidewalks?
Was it possible to defer any of these projects?

How much has it spent repairing existing roads?

What has prevented the patching of potholes that have now taken over the nation roads?

Can the motoring public expect a resumption in road repairs this financial year?

We are well aware that reducing Government’s expenditure is a priority. We therefore suggest that Government temporarily stop some of the ongoing projects that are far from completion and redirect those resources towards rehabilitating those roads now in dire need of repairs. Taking this or similar action, prevents the total degradation of the road network in rural districts and allows motorist to once again move as they please.


About Germain

I am a male born under the sign of Aquarius. I enjoy the simple life and am happiest when the rain is falling.
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3 Responses to Holes All Over The Country

  1. Germain says:

    Listen to this, anyone who did not know better would probably think this was written last week. 😀

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