Poor-Rakey Journalism At Its Worse? Barbados Today Story Rejected

Barbados Today – 05/08/2011 digital edition reports that there is mounting concerns among expatriates, that they are not being allowed to stay on the island for as long as they want after “spending millions of dollars on condos, villas and luxury apartments here”.

I have a few concerns of my own.

Barbados Today, why did you selective quote the moderator on the forum

What were the reasons for omitting these?

“However they said that this was a few months ago and that they had now gone back to issuing tickets without regard for status. I have contacted Virgin in UK who state they are not putting any restrictions on the tickets they sell but are aware there are immigration restrictions that might be emposed on entry into Barbados”

“There is an election next year and many locals I have chatted with have felt that the current government will not be re-elected however this does not mean that anything may change on the immigration front as countries all over the world are tightening up”.

Why did you not select the following?

“FionaJem Jul 30th 2011 11:28 am
Re: UK entrance to Barbados 3 months or 6 months allowed??
Hi all
Just wondered if you could clarify something for me. What happens if you stay 3 months and then go away to another island for a few days and then come back? Can you get another 3 months? Are you saying that that they will only grant 3 months at a time or are you saying they will only grant 3 month in any one year? Has anyone tested this? :fingerscrossed:”

What made this ineligible for publication?

“Serendipidy Jul 30th 2011 6:59 pm
Re: UK entrance to Barbados 3 months or 6 months allowed??
It will all be dependent on the immigration officer you encounter – i would suspect that if you have been in the country in the previous 3 months they are likely to give you a minimum time ie a week or a month at the airport and say you have to go to immigration in town for an extension. When you go to immigration in town they will probably grill you about why and how you are able to be in Barbados and travel etc so it will depend on your answers and how they feel about them wether you would be extended again.”

Where is the evidence to justify your choice of front page headline?

Why would a professional newspaper dedicate a front page headline and base an entire story on a few comments,  made by anonymous persons on a discussion forum?

If Parliamentary Secretary Harry Husbands promised to investigate the matter and address the concerns, why did you rush to print with half of a story?

Where else in the world can an expatriate go and buy a property and then stay as long as they want in that country without regularizing their status?

Is Barbados Today suffering from a case of misplaced priorities?

If one were to believe the advertisements on radio selling the demographics of your readers to potential advertisers, then this “Rejected” story, should insult their intelligence just as much, and even more than it did the little I have.

Journalistic quality at a newspaper that boasts the numbers stated,  should always surpass that of its competitors.  Anything less means that it has flattered to deceive and does not merit the public’s trust.

The days when media houses decided what the public needed to know and what it should not know have long passed. Any media house that appears selective in its reporting quickly become irrelevant to the masses as soon as other sources of information become available. An online newspaper should always be acutely aware of this.


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