The Long And Lonely Road

The road looks long and the load is heavy, but no journey was ever completed without taking the first step. To reach the end of the road requires one step at a time. That is all that is necessary, nothing more.

When you get tired, rest as long as you like, but never give up. Look back now and then to see how far you’ve come. Soon the road won’t seem as long nor the load as heavy.

Go on, take that first step.

Remember that others have travelled this road before. If they made it so can you. There are others who wish they could make such a journey. It gets hard and you get tired, but you’ve been there before. Surely you remember those obstacles that you overcame in the past. This is no different.

Remain focus on that milestone.

The end is near and once again you will emerge stronger than before, just like you’ve always done.

Sometimes it seems as though the harder we try, the harder it gets, but if we remember that we eventually overcame such difficulties in the past, then these challenges would be seen as an opportunity when they arise. An opportunity to show the skills we have acquired from all the earlier ones faced, and to prepare for those that are yet to come. Where and when will it end? Who knows?

As long as we embrace the challenges when they arise, it really does not matter.


About Germain

I am a male born under the sign of Aquarius. I enjoy the simple life and am happiest when the rain is falling.
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