Kadooment And Barbados Culture? Pardon Me!

It is ironic that a Government that sees it fit to have a Ministry Of Culture, would also have under its control, two FM radio stations, one FTA TV station and One Subscription TV Station, where promoting Barbadian culture is a secondary concern.
Q FM claims to only play quality music. The dearth of local content therefore suggest that it is not up to Q FM’s high standards. Its sister station 94 .7 FM,  plays hits from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s.  Local music is again in short supply, unless it is  Crop Over or Independence.

What can we say about TV8? Yes there is local content, but it does nothing other than to bore viewers to tears or to MCTV, depending on financial status. Someone obviously believes that as long as they get two or more people to sit in front a camera, their job is complete. The large number of talk shows and interviews indicates that there is a lack of creative talent at the corporation.

MCTV had a local channel for visitors to beautiful Barbados that was nothing short of embarrassing. The same programming would repeat all day everyday. It was a wasted resource that could have been better used by Government agencies like the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. and The Barbados Tourism Authority.

If Government is serious about developing a Cultural Industry, then it needs to  give CBC the mandate and means to partner with the Barbados Community College, The University Of The West Indies and the National Cultural Foundation to develop the Cultural Industry in Barbados.

Surely there is a lot more than Kadooment that we can point to and say to the world, this is Bajan Culture.


About Germain

I am a male born under the sign of Aquarius. I enjoy the simple life and am happiest when the rain is falling.
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