Chinados Well In Maximizing Profits At Maxwell.

Chi Ching!

Chinese men from Chinados Construction waiting with their tools for the go-ahead from their boss to remove the crop trees. (NationNews.Com)

“Max”is not well. The Chinese bought the land he and his ancestors were living on for the past 60 years or so from under them. He says he wants the land for food but the Chinese only want it for a view.(I think Chinados wants it for food too; lots and lots of bread after the villa is planted).

So where does that leave “Max” and his ancestors? Begging the Government to see what it can do to help them. The same Government (I did not say administration) that makes it possible for Chinados, or whomsoever from wherever, to buy any piece of land that comes on the market.

It matters not if Three (3) or Four (4) generations where living on that land from the time Adams’ grandfather was wearing short pants. If they do not have the money to pay the property owner the price he has set. Crapaud smoke yuh pipe. Pack yuh Georgie Bundle and look fuh somewhere else to live.

We will  continue to talk about this issue and continue to elect politicians who do not see the need to enact legislation which will make sure that these fields and hills remain our own. Even so that will not stop the price of land from being out of the reach of people like “Max” and his ancestors.

Crapaud like he gine smoke nuff more pipes.


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4 Responses to Chinados Well In Maximizing Profits At Maxwell.

  1. Germain says:

    Seems like the original story from 2009 has gone missing from the archives at However, I was able to find a copy on this forum.

    Farmer losing ground

    DOCUMENTS: Will Woo (right), translator for Chinados Construction Ltd, and one of its directors showing David Bourne (left) their land plot indicating that he was encroaching on their land.

    Published on: 5/31/2009.

    SMALL FARMER David Bourne is devastated at the prospect of seeing his life’s labour completely destroyed.

    The 28-year-old man was given until May 10 to remove his uncompleted wooden house and all of his fruit trees and vegetable garden, because Chinese investors from Chinados Construction Ltd have bought the land his family has been living on for close to 50 years.

    “I do not want to fight them. I mean no harm. They have proven that the land is theirs but I think that if my family lived on it for so many years, that we should have been given the first opportunity to buy it,” he told the Sunday SUN.

    “Our conveyance pointed us to this land on top of the hill, so we always thought that only down below belonged to the plantation.”

    He has been building his house for almost seven years and it is still to be completed.

    Bourne, a youth leader, said he had also approached Government for funding of a project which would teach young people about food, survival and life skills.

    He said at present his house was used as a base for young people to meet to implement the project called Alternative Integration Plan B. So far he has produced a book and two DVDs on the project.

    The young man said that after he was ordered off the land, he went to Government hoping to get land to replant his produce but was put on a waiting list.

    “Right now I am willing to move because I do not want a fight, but I need land to relocate my trees,” he said.

    He added that he would also like to be near his 88-year-old grandmother, who he took care of, who lived opposite his house.

    Bourne said he had spoken to area representative John Boyce, who sent his personal assistant to speak to the Chinese.

    “I do not have any definitive word from Government but I am asking for them to help me.” (MB)

    It may also be read over here.

  2. Germain says:

    Plea to Government on land conflict

    Chinese men from Chinados Construction waiting with their tools for the go-ahead from their boss to remove the crop trees.

    Wed, July 27, 2011 – 12:00 AM

    For the second time in two years, Chinese from Chinados Construction descended on the land being occupied by small farmer David Bourne at Maxwell Gardens, Christ Church, and attempted to remove his crops to make way for the construction of a villa.

    The Chinese bought the land three years ago and obtained a court order back in 2009 instructing Bourne to vacate the land.

    But Bourne, 30, whose family has lived on the land for over six decades, is appealing to Government to intervene and save his crops and his home.

    “They want the land for a view, but I want it for food,” he said.

    Reprinted for the record from

  3. Germain says:

    Two years after speaking with his parliamentary representative, Mr. Bourne is now forced to appeal to Government to intervene on his behalf. The same Government his representative is a member of.
    Mr. Bourne has obviously concluded that parliamentary representation is not all that it is made out to be in these parts.

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